Build your business, be visible, be supported

Hey fellow introverts.

My name is Thea and I’m a background introvert who has learned to be a visible leader online, and now I teach other introverts to share their gifts with the world.

Why is it important to be visible? Because if people can’t find your product, they can’t buy your product.

But for so many of my fellow introverts, they just can’t be found by the people who need their products. They can’t be found because they’re too overwhelmed and scared by the idea of being seen, and so they get in their own way.

Maybe the following describes you:
•Maybe you spend hours scrolling through social media, but rarely post, so people can’t find your products.
•Maybe you overthink things big-time, so aren’t taking the action steps needed to grow your biz.
•Maybe you don’t want to add to the noisy online world, so you don’t post on social media, so people can’t find your products and services.

If those describe you, then I have something for you.

It’s called “The UN-INVISIBLE Mastermind”.

You know the saying that two heads are better than one? Well this is a really small group – 4 introverts tops, that includes me – who are committed to not only building their own business, but helping the other members succeed. We may be introverts, but we don’t have to go through this journey alone.

So you’re not simply thinking of the steps to grow your business. And you’re definitely not overthinking those steps. But you’re taking those important steps with my guidance.

Meanwhile your fellow introvert masterminders are acting as your personal cheerleading squad and sharing insights from their own experience.

The details

We’ll be doing 6 calls spread out over 9 week. Each call is an hour. In between the calls we’ll hold each other accountable though the private Facebook group.

You’ll be getting “homework” each week – tasks or exercises to teach you the fundamentals of confident visibility, and related topics. These should only take 30 minutes to an hour to complete, so totally doable for someone who’s busy (but seriously though, aren’t we all busy nowadays?).

The private Facebook group is where you can get additional accountability and help from me, and the other participants in the mastermind, in between our calls. Ask questions. Post links to your sales page for feedback, etc.

The investment for this 9 week mastermind (plus I’ll be keeping our private FB group open for an additional month so technically that’s 3 month of support) is 3 monthly installments of $165, or $487 USD.

Procrastinating building our dreams was yesterday, actually making progress on our dreams starts today.

This is going to be so exciting!!

What the calls will be like

The first meeting will be a little different from the others. To minimize any potential nervousness this is going to mainly be me talking. We’ll also be introducing ourselves to our fellow masterminds.

Here’s what the subsequent meetings will be like:
•We’ll be breaking out the virtual champagne and celebrating everything you’ve accomplished that week
•You’ll update everyone on any accountability tasks you set ourselves
•We’ll talk about the visibility foundation “homework”
•Together we come up with strategies to overcome the visibility and business problems you, personally, faced since our last meeting

And then of course you’ll also be setting goals for yourself to meet for so we can hold you accountable for reaching success each week.

In addition to our calls we’ll have a private Facebook group is where you can get additional accountability and help from me, and the other participants in the mastermind, in between our calls.

The investment for the 9 weeks (plus I’ll be keeping our private FB group open for an additional month so technically that’s 3 month of support) is only $487, or 3 monthly installments of $165.

About Thea

Hi! My name is Thea. I’m a huge introvert.

But I’ve also been using social media for business for a decade, I’ve grown a Facebook page to over 12,000 Likes, and I just led an amazingly wonderful group of 57 introverts through the adventure of doing their first Facebook Lives.

I’m not special. Really. If I can do this despite the imposter syndrome, and thoughts like “who am I to say this” and “what if I’m not good enough,” then you can too.

Whether you want a Facebook page with 20,000 people, or a Facebook group with 100 superfans, I’m here to help you build it.

Here’s what some of my past clients have had to say about me

I have had huge growth in the traffic on my posts and the response has been incredible. I actually have clients who are finding me on social media and wait listing themselves to work with me!

Kate Wratten

Thea helped me see more clearly what was holding me back from really putting myself out there. I was having lots of trouble communicating my message with the world. Thea is very knowledgeable and talking to her feels like talking to a very smart friend. Thanks Thea!

Nicole Woodriffe

Before coaching I was unclear on what steps I needed to take next in my business. I was feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and quite a bit of self-doubt. [Thea’s] coaching allowed me to step into my offerings, get clearer on who I serve, and build a stronger trust in myself and my business. I feel more at ease, assured, and confident!

Sarah Steckler

Join the adventure

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

How are we meeting?
Our calls will be using a website/app called Zoom, and you can access zoom on the computer or on a smart phone. You can choose to have your video on or off during the call.

What if I can’t make one of calls?
That’s ok. I’ll be recording the calls and posting them to our private Facebook group just for the mastermind participants (they won’t be made publicly).

The Mastermind time and days don’t work for me at all, is there any way you can do other days and times?
Maybe… let me know what days and times work and if there’s enough people who can also make those times, then I’ll create a third Mastermind.

What’s your refund policy?
There sure is! If, after the 9 weeks are over, you don’t feel like you’ve gotten anything out of the Mastermind you have 30 days to ask for a refund. But let me be clear, just showing up to these meetings isn’t enough to make you visible. You will have to do the work.

Does this only work for business and marketing industries?
It works for every industry where you would benefit from being visible. Whether you sell on Etsy, do life coaching, tarot readings, etc, if your business could benefit from you being visible, authentic, and confident, this mastermind is for you.

I can’t wait to help your business and your gifts be found online.